Oklahoma State University College of Human Sciences

Oklahoma State University

The Human Sciences Addition is 76,700 SF and includes three levels of instructional, collaborative, and experiential learning spaces. The building is organized around the Great Hall, an atrium that connects each level, which will showcase the diverse activities of each department. The atrium is highlighted by a design element affectionately called the “Orange Glow”, a vertical orienting element at the intersection of the Great Hall and the existing building’s main horizontal circulation.

The “Orange Glow” as a literal component, is the combination of the Grand Stair and a translucent elevator tower. Primary sustainable strategies include daylighting, which is being incorporated into all teaching and public spaces, where the function is not negatively impacted by the presence of daylight. Informal social learning environments are integrated throughout the space to provide the interaction that supports learning and collaboration among departments. The architectural character of the building is designed to complement the Modified-Georgian context on the campus.