Kingfisher Junior High School

Kingfisher Public Schools

The new Kingfisher Junior High houses 7th and 8th grade students and is situated on a prominent town corner adjacent to the existing High School. This allows for shared student bus drop-off and pickup. The building houses a grade-level community in each wing with Administration and shared spaces in the center. Both the Student Commons and Art Studio have access to outdoor patios.

Main Entry and Media Center canopy elements, indicative of a windmill blade common on the OK landscape, pay homage to Oklahoma’s burgeoning wind, power and energy industries. The exterior masonry complements the adjacent high school building while the interior palette incorporates the district’s gold and navy blue throughout. Common areas have colorful portal elements to visually cue students through the building. As the district’s mascot is the Yellowjackets, the common areas have various elements and patterns derived from a hexagon shape to represent a nest/hive.