Douglass High School

Oklahoma City Public Schools

The new replacement high school and stadium for Douglass High School was constructed in four phases on the existing 36.3 acre site. The phases were Phase 1, demolition of the existing stadium; Phase 2, construction of the new high school; Phase 3, demolition of the existing high school; Phase 4, construction of the new stadium.

Flexibility in organization of the classroom wing to accommodate departments and team-teaching arrangements is achieved in the subtle crescent shape of the two-story school.  The shape helps form the gated, outdoor courtyard which allows for maximum security internally as well as around the perimeter by eliminating obscure corners where students or others can be hidden from view.  The dining area serves as a lobby for both the 1,500 seat gymnasium, and 1,200 seat auditorium.  The library has its own exterior entry, to allow community use. The stadium is designed to hold 6,000 spectators.