Kingfisher Middle School

Kingfisher Public Schools
This project creates an inspiring environment conducive to learning, while honoring the town’s agricultural heritage.  To achieve this vision, the user’s and community were engaged in the project programming.  Architectural metal wall panels, tilt-up concrete and masonry reflect the grain silos prevalent in the area.  Large windows, curvilinear forms and vibrant hues create an exciting interior space for learning.
The building is separated by functions.  The classroom wings feed into a collector corridor housing shared activities such as library, art classroom and computer labs.  Noisy spaces such as the band and the physical education room are located at the opposite end of the building away from the academic areas.  A commons/dining area serves as the central hub of the building.
“Outstanding Middle School” winner, American School and University Interiors Portfolio, 2007
Interior Design Award, Metal Mag, 2006