Holmes Park Elementary

Sapulpa Public Schools

This school replaces two aging, inefficient schools.   The building is a “bridge” both metaphorically and literally. The project bridges two existing schools into one; bridges the historic Holmes Field (the District’s original football field) with a new, modern, sustainable school; bridges the local Frankoma pottery into an artistic sculpture of inspiration in the school; and bridges the children to the future. Holmes Field sandstone was repurposed as benches.  The building is oriented with the long axis in the east-west direction, to minimize heat gain and maximize south facing windows.  A ground-source geothermal HVAC system is used, as well as low-flow fixtures and occupancy sensors throughout.  The new elementary houses 700 students in grades PreK-5.

  • “Publishers’ Commendation Award” winner, Learning by Design, 2012
  • “Outstanding Project” winner, Learning by Design, 2012