Dauphin County, PA

Penn State Harrisburg – Capital Union Building Addition

Larson Design Group (LDG) designed site improvements around the exterior of the Penn State Harrisburg – Capital Union Building (CUB) in conjunction with a major expansion project for a new fitness center designed by Architect of Record, WTW Architects.

LDG’s design included landscaping, lighting improvements, stormwater management, and improvements to pedestrian flow for ADA compliant access. The major emphasis of the site design was to accentuate the aesthetics of the new entrance to the building while minimizing the impact to the adjacent parking facilities./

LDG worked closely with WTW Architects, other sub consultants, and the campus design committee through all stages of conceptual layout to final design. It was necessary to provide enough flexibility in the site design to accommodate a possible future enhancement project at an adjacent building to ensure an appealing and consistent corridor will ultimately be achieved. Of particular importance was to deliver a final design that was within the budget for the project.

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