Resolving Repeated Flooding Caused by a Failing Pipe-Arch Structure

Mansfield Borough
Mansfield, Tioga County, PA

LDG provided engineering services to Mansfield Borough regarding an existing 3,200-foot 72-inch x 44-inch corrugated metal pipe-arch culvert. The culvert has a repeated problem of over topping and causing flooding in the Borough. During severe weather events, large quantities of debris and sediment accumulate on the bar rack at the culvert’s entrance, restricting flows entering the culvert and causing the stream to overflow its banks. Other contributing factors to flooding were sediment deposits within the culvert reducing the hydraulic capacity and the culvert not being sized to handle modern-day rainfall intensities. In response to these concerns, LDG conducted a study of the existing structure in order to develop options to resolve the problem of repeated flooding caused by the failing pipe-arch structure. A grant has been obtained for upstream watershed improvements and the Borough is currently pursuing funding for culvert replacement.