Montgomery Water Authority Montgomery, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Well Number 4 Project

Larson Design Group (LDG) provided engineering, permitting, and construction services for a water system improvement project for the Montgomery Water and Sewer Authority in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. The project purpose was to determine routing and location of the new water line for Well #4 and the new water tank and reservoir. The engineering services provided by LDG included preliminary design work, including the use of the hydraulic model of the water system to determine the sizing and location of new infrastructure, and providing assistance in utilizing Halliburton’s water line.

LDG coordinated a kick-off meeting with the Authority to discuss the scope of work, gather input, and obtain consensus on project features. Field visits were conducted to identify needs for environmental permits. In this phase LDG created an evaluation report and presented recommended infrastructure improvements to the Authority and designed the well house and disinfection system for Well #4, and a hydraulic model was run on various routing and reservoir scenarios. LDG also helped complete the transfer of Halliburton’s water line to the Authority. This process included identification of disinfection strategies and application for DEP permits to install the required disinfection equipment.

  • This project involved extensive permitting and agency coordination that LDG was heavily involved in.
  • Permitting, LDG coordinated and mailed 65 certified letters to private well owners within the area of influence of the new well, compiled responses into a spreadsheet, and submitted responses to DEP for further review.
  • The Susquehanna River Basin Commission Water Withdrawal Permitting process required a groundwater withdraw metering plan, a groundwater elevation monitoring plan, a post-construction groundwater monitoring plan, and additional information to support future growth and demands as required by the SRBC reviewing geologist.
  • LDG coordinated purchasing and completed construction oversite of the emergency supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.
  • Easement acquisition required meetings with individual property owners, coordination of notarizations, public meetings, and coordination of the standard easement agreement.
  • LDG provided funding agency assistance by reviewing and compiling costs related to the project for submission to the grant funding agency. This included categorizing all expense and maintaining a record of grant reimbursement requests and the overall drawdown of the grant.
  • LDG coordinated the lease signing between the Montgomery Area School District and the Authority.

LDG prepared bid advertisements made available in local newspaper on the LDG bidplans website. During bidding LDG answered contractor questions and provided clarifications and administered one pre-bid meeting and one bid opening meeting. Construction administration services were provided including review and evaluation of bids and an award recommendation, preparation of the notice of award and contract, and coordination of construction progress meetings. During construction LDG reviewed payment applications from contractors, tracked product submittals and shop drawings, completed site visits, and provided PLC automation programming. LDG completed a substantial completion site visit and inspection with a punchlist, completed the final closeout site visit, and processed closeout paperwork.