Challenge: The permitted capacity of PTJMA’s WWTP was 0.430 MGD. Based on its Act 537 Plan, sewage flows for the planning area were projected to be 0.722 MGD (annual average) with peak instantaneous sewage flow as high as 3.33 MGD. In addition, the PA DEP required the PTJMA to meet new effluent limitations for total annual discharges of total nitrogen and phosphorus according to Chesapeake Bay regulations.


Solution: We designed a Fluidyne ISAM Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) consisting of a constant level anaerobic influent conditioning basin, followed by a SAM surge basin (influent equalization basin), and an SBR basin. In addition to the construction of the SBRs, the WWTP upgrade included conversion of the existing WWTP to wet weather flow management facilities; construction of a new process building to house a new headworks facility that includes influent pumps and influent screening; new cloth media effluent filters and UV disinfection system; and a new sludge conditioning system. New sludge drying beds with a covered roof and a new garage were added.


Outcome: Also included in the project was renovation/conversion of the existing control building to an operations building that includes office space, laboratory, conference room, and a locker room.