Fort Shafter Water Infrastructure Capacity Analysis

Honolulu, HI

LDG provided water/wastewater (W/WW) engineering and planning services as a member of a project team that performed a water infrastructure capacity analysis (ICA) at Fort Shafter, Hawaii for the USACE Tulsa District on behalf of the US Army Garrison Hawaii.

The purpose of the Fort Shafter Water System (FSWS) ICA was to study the capacity of the water system, conduct on-site investigations, review historical data, and develop a recommended course of action to support future demands and increase the system’s resiliency. The ICA was developed using a range of guidance sources that included requirements from the Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) Water Storage & Distribution (UFC 3-230-01), Water Treatment (UFC 3-230-03), and Fire Protection Engineering for Facilities (UFC 3-600-01).

As a result of the inspection and evaluation of the various water components, LDG presented three course of action (COA) recommendations to enhance the resiliency of the Fort Shafter water system. Each recommended option was evaluated based on the feasibility for construction, the overall ability to improve the resiliency of the system, and a rough order-of-magnitude (ROM) cost estimate to determine a course of action (COA).