United States Army Corps of Engineers Tulsa District Fort Sill, OK

Decentralize Central Plant Building at Fort Sill



We served as design project manager and performed the both the Mechanical and Electrical design for the project. Project design scope required the evaluation and design of new mechanical and electrical systems to decentralize Buildings 6004, 6008, and 6017 that serve soldier training at Fort Sill, OK. Local chillers and boilers were designed and installed in each of the three buildings to replace central chilled water and heating water from the central plant in Building 6003. Additionally, in Building 6004, the complete HVAC system including chilled water and heating water distribution along with the Air Handling units were replaced.  New HVAC controls, for the chilled water and heating water systems, were installed at all three buildings so that each building would be stand alone and no longer connected to Building 6003. Existing steam and chilled water services were capped in the existing entrance manholes in the mechanical rooms. New electrical services were provided at each of the building to serve the added electrical requirement for the new mechanical systems. The Buildings 6008 and 6017 remained occupied, during the design and construction phases. TAB and Commissioning were also performed during construction.