Camp Zama, Japan

DD Form 1391 Development





Larson Design Group’s (LDG) Federal team provided planning, programming, and cost estimating services for a housing development plan for the military family housing at Camp Zama and Sagamihara, Japan. The overall project included a facility condition assessment of the existing facilities, a development plan for renovation and new construction, and ultimately DD Form 1391s to program the military construction actions.

The project team conducted walk-throughs of each of the housing units to identify the deficiencies that would need to be addressed as part of the renovation effort. However, due to scope and budget constraints, LDG’s cost estimating team was not able to join the workshops. To offset the lack of on-site time for the project, LDG developed a checklist of all the necessary information needed to develop the estimates. This ensured that the data being collected by the workshop team would be sufficient for the estimators. Additionally, because this project involved housing units, the LDG hose an estimating team with a background in residential construction.

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