USACE Design-Build Air Force Logistics Officers School

United States Army Corps of Engineers Tulsa District
Sheppard Air Force Base, TX



The Air Force Logistics Officer’s School consisted of remodeling an existing 54,000 SF two-story facility to house classrooms, test labs, training rooms, offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, and restrooms in Building 1923 at Sheppard AFB, TX. Mechanical renovations included repairs and additions to the HVAC systems and plumbing systems throughout the facility. New air terminal units and distribution ductwork were provided to serve the new, redesigned, or revised spaces. All existing VAV terminal units and reheat coils were replaced with new units having Bacnet controls. Existing air handling units were modified to provide outside air and relief air systems. Existing ductwork and hydronic piping were reused and modified only where needed to serve remodeled spaces. Chillers and boilers along with their associated pumps and piping were replaced with modern, energy efficient equipment. The existing cooling tower was modified to include a condenser water bypass. The condenser pumps were repaired and upgraded to prevent seal leakage. In addition, LDG provided architectural and interior design services for this extensive remodel.