MQ-9 GCS Operations Facility and Command Center

Creech Air Force Base

The Creech AFB MQ-9 GCS Operations Facility and Command Center includes a 38,461 SF, two-story MQ-9 Operations and Command Center, and a 38,461 SF, two story MQ-9 Ground Control Station. These buildings will provide 24/7 operational capabilities; based on this need, they are supplied with redundant communications, power, and critical systems. Each building contains numerous spaces required by the program including briefing rooms of various sizes, flight commander offices, data centers, simulator training spaces, GCS support and maintenance, and specific areas devoted to planning, intelligence and security. Additional rooms to sustain the mission of the facility are also provided.

The facilities were designed to ensure compliance with ABA, ICD / ICS 705 and to meet antiterrorism and force protection measures per UFC 4-010-02. Additionally, sustainability will conform to High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements and the Air Force Sustainability Requirements Score Sheet. The interior of the building includes natural daylighting, proper ventilation, moisture control, low emitting materials, and other conditions conducive to overall occupant health and wellness.