Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory Requirements Analysis

Hanover, NH





Development of a Requirements Analysis (RA) and associated programming documentation (DD1391) to upgrade the electrical system assets at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) campus to accommodate existing and future CRREL mission requirements and solve existing system short-falls associated with Circuit 2.

The planning team surveyed the site’s electrical system and discussed existing system shortfalls and future electrical demand. Based on this discussion and analysis of the existing system, the team prepared baseline design requirements to upgrade the western portion of the CRREL electrical system. The team also provided alternate system upgrades for CRREL and USACE consideration.

These upgrades included actions to increase the resiliency of the site’s power requirements. If this project is not provided, CRREL’s reliance on aging electrical infrastructure will disrupt research operations and readiness. Limitations in power supply adversely affect CRREL’s adaptability and capacity to receive future missions. Planned campus growth will not be possible. Inadequate facilities also affect the quality of research, workplace satisfaction, and retention among technically skilled staff, who are in high demand.

The LDG electrical engineering team’s recommendations were documented in the RA; cost estimates were provided and reviewed with USACE New England and Baltimore Districts; and the scope was programmed in a DD1391 for Unspecified Minor Military Construction (UMMC) funding.