Tinker Air Force Base KC-46A Depot Maintenance Hangar (PDM)

Tinker Air Force Base

This design-build project includes the planning, design, and construction for the KC-46A Depot Maintenance Hangar (PDM Hangar). This PDM Hangar, supporting the KC-46A Pegasus aircraft, consists of one main building divided into two components – a hangar dock and building lean-to.

At 80,700 SF, the hangar dock area consists of two docks within one bay. These will provide general depot maintenance of aircraft and are programmed to be flexible for the changing requirements for this type of operation – including flexibility for either a ‘nose-in’ first or ‘tail-in’ first configuration.

The two-story building lean-to is approximately 40,640 SF. The first floor has multiple uses, including a plant equipment maintenance support facility, shops to support the hangar, large gathering spaces, administrative spaces and building infrastructure. The second floor provides similar usage space and is programmed for administrative use, gathering spaces, and building infrastructure.

This project also includes clearing and grading the site, storm drainage, aircraft parking apron, aircraft hangar dock access ramps and movement area, utility infrastructure systems, electrical, water, sewer, industrial waste, communications, walks and other supporting facilities.

The project complies with all HPSB, DoD anti-terrorism and force protection requirements.