Sneaker Villa

If you’re an East Coast sneakerhead, chances are you’ve heard of VILLA—one of the nation’s premier urban fashion retailers. VILLA has an aggressive expansion plan; when we began working for them in 2013, they had about 60 stores, and they’ve grown to over 120 locations since then.

Villa is an emerging brand with the ability to adapt to their market. They’ve changed their store design 12 times in four years. In that time, we’ve provided building permits, construction drawings, interior design, store rebranding, and more. Whatever Villa needs, we’re willing to help them out with it. One time, we went to Minnesota to do a survey for them, the next day we did permit drawings in Texas, and the day after that they needed renderings of a new store design. We did it all.

David Balzer, Project Manager, LDG
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