Sheetz Nationwide

Sheetz Sustainability Study

Larson Design Group (LDG) prepared a comprehensive study for Sheetz, Inc. to evaluate the sustainability of their store design, construction practices, and day to day store operations. The study is being used by Sheetz as a part of a larger initiative to improve its stores. Sheetz designs most of their own stores, but they hired LDG to gain an outsider’s perspective.

Sheetz is already ahead of many retailers when it comes to sustainable design. Their in-house design team actively participates in researching materials and technologies for their ever-changing market. Sheetz does not embrace a prototype approach to design – their store design follows a general model, but it continues to evolve for each store location.

LDG evaluated each material, electrical component, and HVAC system for a typical Sheetz store. Energy use, water efficiency, indoor environment, and material sustainability were all important considerations. The building envelope, overall energy performance, and methods used to construct the buildings were analyzed. LDG suggested alternative materials that were more sustainable than the ones currently used by Sheetz. Final recommendations were based on a cost analysis of savings versus added expense to determine the return on investment.

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