RadioShack Nationwide


LDG is a consultant for RadioShack to survey stores at the completion of construction.

LDG performs the final survey, completes a punch list, and takes photos, which are copied and given to both RadioShack and the contractor. It is then RadioShack’s responsibility to coordinate final completion based on LDG’s notes, suggestions, and observations as indicated on the punch list.

The RadioShack stores that LDG has surveyed have been leased spaces within larger strip mall shopping centers.

LDG’s responsibility is to ensure that the projects are completed per RadioShack’s drawings and specifications. ADA compliance is a recurring issue that is of special concern with each survey. LDG is able to verify the ADA compliance of each store based on the drawings and will make suggestions if necessary.

Being the on-site consultant for multiple RadioShack projects means that RadioShack is comfortable with and secure in LDG’s assessments of the stores and that RadioShack trusts LDG’s competency.

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