Joining the Movement

In 2013, LDG began providing full A/E services for Sneaker Villa, an emerging urban shoe store chain with 100+ locations throughout the Northeast, Central, and Southern United States.

Villa’s current “Join the Movement” initiative focuses on the revitalization of urban communities by developing, supporting, and delivering opportunities that provide educational support, environmental improvement, and economic empowerment for teens. Click here to learn more.

LDG has been supporting this initiative by assisting in the improvement and expansion of Villa stores throughout the country. However, in order to provide the best service to our new client, we first had to understand their operations, space needs, and merchandising. So, LDG sent a team to join Villa on a tour of various existing store locations throughout Pennsylvania and New York. This allowed the design team to learn firsthand about the evolution of the Villa brand and growth goals.

This valuable knowledge has allowed LDG to assist in the store planning and prototype design by concentrating on the adaptive reuse of retail space in order to meet Villa’s program and budgetary needs. This combined with LDG’s Brand Architecture experience has streamlined the entire design, permitting, and construction process, allowing Villa to focus more energy on other initiatives.