Notes From the Road: A World of Insight at Annual World of Modular Conference

Larson Design Group (LDG) knows that attending and participating in industry events furthers knowledge and expands professional networks. In Notes From the Road, we take a closer look at these learning opportunities and experiences and ask our employee owners to share some of their insights.

Recently, LDG Director of Engineering Stefanie English attended the World of Modular (WoM) conference in Orlando, FL, and highlighted LDG’s 20-year history in Modular Design to industry professionals from around the world.

Stefanie met, learned from, and shared knowledge with fellow attendees, who also learned about LDG’s expertise in the Exhibit Hall – including modular construction, off-site construction projects, standard structural system calculation packages, full architecture and engineering design for complex mid-rise commercial buildings, and more.

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We spoke with Stefanie about her experience attending WoM, which has been held since 1983 by the Modular Building Institute (MBI), one of the most reputable international non-profit trade associations serving the modular construction industry.

Was this your first time attending World of Modular?

I had previously attended smaller regional events centered around residential modular and offsite construction in general, but this was LDG’s first time attending and exhibiting at World of Modular, or WoM.

How was the experience of meeting and learning from professionals from around the world?

Over 1,400 people attended WoM this year and we met folks from Italy, Argentina, China, and elsewhere. We learned that across countries and cultures, everyone was interested in leveraging modular technology and methods to solve problems – particularly speed of construction. Modular technology can get a project up and occupied in the shortest time possible, provide emergency or permanent housing after disasters, get commercial projects generating revenue more quickly, or simply reduce general expenses of transporting labor and materials to remote sites.

What differences or similarities did you find between the US and other countries regarding industry approaches and innovations?

There are differences in the acceptance levels of various types of modular construction approaches worldwide. Europe is a bit more progressive in its adoption of newer technologies and applicable regulation/codes.

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Did you have a favorite panel or educational session?

I’ve worked with several of the panelists and presenters at WoM during my nearly two decade-long career, and it was great to see their work shine. As a design professional and Engineer, I also appreciated attending sessions on lessons learned and new advances in applying offsite construction in markets where LDG is focused on growing our presence, such as data centers.

What did you take away from the conference that can apply to LDG, either immediately or in the near future?

I came away with a better understanding of current and emerging trends in the modular industry. I made some connections with product suppliers, other design professionals, and potential project partners that I’m looking forward to leveraging in the future. I’m excited for LDG to offer modular design to our clients for their project needs! Learn more here: Modular Design


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