From Trash to Treasure: LDG Morgantown Office Engages in ‘Upcycle’ Project

Recycling and reusing discarded materials, sometimes called “upcycling,” is popular activity that people use to create everything from furniture to works of artLarson Design Group (LDG)’s Morgantown, WV office recently engaged in it for a project that focused on teamwork and benefitted a colleague. 

As part of a geotechnical exploration, bedrock cores – cylindrical columns of bedrock – are collected from a site so geologists can analyze the type, depth and thickness of rock material below the surface. These samples are stored in wooden “core boxes if they need to be referenced again during the course of the project they were taken for.  

Recently, the Morgantown office was faced with a growing number of core boxes that were no longer needed and were taking up space in its storage facility. Hoping for an option that would allow the boxes to be reused or repurposed, the team was pleased to learn that a drilling sub-contractor they often work with was in search of core boxes. The project was underway. 

Over the last several months, the Morgantown team worked in small, socially distant groups after hours to sort through dozens of boxes. After determining which core samples were no longer needed, they were emptied, cleaned, sanded and painted so they would be ready for re-use. The sub-contractor even offered compensation for the boxes, which the team used to treat themselves to a set of outdoor furniture for the office’s back patio.  

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