Alternative Energy

LDG’s Energy Division’s engineers and design professionals are immersed in alternative energy development projects that are shaping our future.

Alternative Fuels

We provide full-service project solutions from fleet feasibility studies and site evaluation to gas detection systems and equipment specifications.


As alumni, coaches, teachers, and parents; Athletics projects are a matter of pride for our staff. We excel at fostering collaboration between teachers, administrators, students,etc.

Civic and Cultural

Civic and cultural resources form the foundation of our communities as centers of learning, sources of identity, and catalysts for progress.

Commercial Building Projects

From single buildings to large business parks – Larson Design Group delivers project solutions with a focus on profitability and sustainability.


Larson Design Group works with all different aspects of Energy, from unconventional gas, wind farms, site design and many other services.


LDG Federal is a division within Larson Design Group, an established 35-year old company with over 300 dedicated professionals covering all aspects of the built environment.


We bring together site designers, landscape architects; structural, MEP engineers, and numerous LEED APs who are passionate about creating solutions for healthcare facilities.

Higher Education

We look to improve every aspect of higher education campus performance with solutions that merge innovation and practicality.


Comfortable. Memorable. Sustainable.


We take pride in helping US industrial facilities succeed. We offer full-service support from site design and land development, to M/E/P, and structural engineering.

Mine Subsidence Investigations

LDG is under contract to support the West Virginia Board of Risk and Insurance Management (WVBRIM) in their Underground Coal Mine Subsidence Insurance program.


Since our inception, one of Larson Design Group’s primary services has been municipal engineering. Planning for future growth is an important need and goal of any municipality.


Any successful recreation project demands an in-depth understanding of its users. Our designers include Registered Landscape Architects, site designers, M/E/P, and structural engineers.


From expansive rural developments to dense urban renewal – Larson Design Group has what it takes to deliver residential project solutions that our communities are proud to call home.

Retail Design

We provide retail design services nationally, and ensure that design changes, schedules, and permitting approvals are completed on schedule.


LDG's transportation engineers, designers, and technicians provide comprehensive highway design, bridge design, bridge inspection, traffic design, trails, surveying, etc.


We are a dedicated team of planners, engineers, operators and technical experts whose entire careers have been dedicated to improving and repairing water supply and wastewater disposal

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