Spotlight: Talking Telecom Services and Valuable Credentials with LDG’s Alana Dwyer

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Meet LDG’s Alana Dwyer, Technical Manager, who holds the Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) designation from Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) – the premier credentialing organization for the information and communications technology sector.

The RCDD certification is “the industry’s most prestigious and globally recognized certification for the design, integration, and implementation of telecommunications systems,” according to BICSI, and earning it reflects a commitment to personal and professional growth, hands-on experience, and broadening one’s knowledge base.

We spoke with Alana about how her skills align with LDG’s offerings, what this unique designation means, and why she wanted to obtain it.

Tell us about the moment you realized that you wanted to pursue an RCDD.

My Dad was an electrician, so I grew up around construction and loved helping my dad do take-offs on drawings. I went to school for electrical engineering and didn’t even know what telecom was at the time. My first co-op job was working with nurse call systems in hospitals and PA and security systems in schools and I really enjoyed the experience. Once I graduated, I had the opportunity to continue my career working in telecom and security and I’ve spent my entire career working in the telecom space.  An RCDD certification is like a PE in the telecom world and once I started working in the federal market, I knew it was a requirement, so I pursued the certification.

For anyone not familiar, can you explain what it means to “design, integrate, and implement” telecommunications systems?

One thing that differentiates telecom design from traditional electrical engineering is the integration. Because technology is always advancing, a part of my design process includes integrating legacy systems with modern technologies. In addition, there are many systems that speak different “languages” and part of the design is finding a way for them to talk to one another. One of my favorite parts of design is when you take multiple different systems and find a way to make it one seamless user interface. An example of this would be an automated gate. We can integrate the intercom, the card reader, cameras and the gate controls so the security officer has everything on one screen, has full situational awareness and can easily allow or deny access to a site.

How does this align with LDG’s other multi-disciplined offerings?

Telecom design encompasses an array of systems and elements, including voice, data, wireless, electronic safety and security, data center, and A/V technologies. Its scope extends to the design, integration, and installation of pathways, telecom spaces, fiber- and copper-based distribution systems, and wireless infrastructure that supports them. In the past, all this work was either completed by the electrical engineers or, if it required an RCDD stamp, a subconsultant had to be engaged. However, with the creation of the telecom team, LDG can now keep that portion of the design in-house, as well as pursue much more complex projects.

In what ways does an RCDD designation elevate your skills?

The RCDD certification requires a thorough understanding of all facets of telecom design, including network design, cabling systems, and telecommunications distribution methods. Preparing for the certification equips designers with a broad and deep knowledge base that can be applied to a variety of projects. An RCDD certification enhances a designer’s credibility in the eyes of employers, clients, and peers. It demonstrates a proven level of expertise and commitment to the profession, which can lead to increased trust and professional opportunities.


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