LDG and Montour County Hold Ribbon-Cutting for Historic Repaired Bridge

It’s a piece of Montour County history, and with the help of Larson Design Group (LDG)’s Bridge Inspection and Maintenance department, Keefer Covered Bridge has been repaired and re-opened to the public. The event was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting at the bridge on July 10th, attended by LDG team members and Montour County Commissioners Dan Hartman, Ken Holdren and Trevor Finn. 

After suffering damage twice in the last year to its structure and iconic red-and-white wooden siding – due to oversized vehicles attempting to cross the bridge – the county commissioners decided to move forward with permanent headache bars to eliminate further damage to the structure. They brought on LDG for work that included the design of structural repairs to the damaged portions of the bridge and oversight of those repairs completed by the contractor. 

The work completed by LDG included new permanent headache bars set at a height restriction of 7’ approximately 30’ from the structure on each end, which will limit the use of the structure to standard cars and trucks. It’s a move that Holdren believes “will make a better safety environment for motorists and continue to protect this historic bridge,” which has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979. 

“We’re very excited about preserving the history of the county and this is attraction that we’re proud of,” Hartman said. “Obviously, we were disappointed that it was damaged several times recently, so we’re glad that the work done by Larson will eliminate that problem.” 

“We encourage people to come out and visit the bridge and see this bit of Montour history,” Finn added. 

“LDG was proud to assist Montour County with their covered bridge project, and the addition of the headache bars will help preserve this historic structure and eliminate oversized vehicles from crossing it in the future,” said Kurt Brunguard, PE, director of LDG’s Bridge Inspection and Maintenance department. 

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