Notes From the Road: Addressing the Effects of Coal Mining at the PA Abandoned Mine Reclamation Conference

Notes From the Road is a closer look at the learning opportunities and experiences of our employee owners from industry events, client engagements, and projects around the world. Recently, LDG team members attended the 25th annual PA Abandoned Mine Reclamation Conference, a leading statewide forum that addresses both challenges of and solutions to restoring land and environment that have been affected by past coal mining activities. As a major producer of coal throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Pennsylvania has thousands of these former mining sites, all of which present safety and environmental problems such as mine fires, mine subsidence, dangerous highwalls, open shafts and portals, mining-impacted water supplies, and other hazards.

We spoke with LDG’s Josh Glace, Associate Project Manager, and Quay Schappell, Program Manager, about the importance of attending this conference and how the learning opportunities provided bolster our own Environmental services and offerings.

Why is this conference so valuable to attend?

Josh: This conference brings together a variety of professionals from diverse backgrounds to achieve the common goal of cleaning up legacy coal mining activities and improving water quality throughout Pennsylvania.

Quay: While we have relevant industry experience which is aligned with this market sector Interacting with prospective clients and other experienced firms will enable us to grow our knowledge.

What kind of learning opportunities does it offer LDG team members?

Josh: The presentation provided great insight into new programs and technologies that allow us to tackle new and complex problems. However, the biggest opportunity is building those relationships with other professionals that work on the same issues. This allows us to achieve better results through our projects.

Quay: Like other successful conferences, there was a good mix between technical, funding, and project case studies.

What was your favorite takeaway or notable moment? How can it apply to LDG?

Josh: The biggest takeaway is the benefit of relationship and networking opportunities that the conference provided. We were able to discuss issues we had, along with offer suggestions on others’ problems to build better solutions and stronger teams.

Quay: Our attendance at the conference enabled us to quickly evaluate how similar firms are positioned, and how funding is influencing changes to project administration from the regulatory perspective.

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