Employee Spotlight: Eman El Shahat

At Larson Design Group, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. This spotlight is on Lititz-based Eman El Shahat, Engineering Associate in our Buildings Group.

What is your position here at Larson Design Group and when did you join LDG?

I’m an Engineering Associate and I joined LDG in January, 2019.

Describe a typical day in your role:

A typical day for me would be working on a structural design for a new retail store, review existing structure of an existing store, or reviewing shop drawings.

What attracted you to join Larson Design Group originally?

The size and diversity of the company.

How has Larson Design Group helped you in your career development?

LDG helps build a person’s confidence and encourages more training and learning. Reaching out to clients, shops, fabricators helps a lot in building an engineer’s knowledge, communication skills and understanding the world around their field. Providing hours to train and attend seminars/webinars encourages everyone in LDG to be on the look out for new and beneficial topics and make everyone eager to learn more constantly.

What is your proudest moment at Larson Design Group?

Being able to answer a client question in a timely manner and getting a “thank you” back from a client or a superior.

If you could switch places with anyone else at Larson Design Group for a day, who would it be and why?

Stefanie English (my supervisor) – I’m curious to see things from her perspective to be more understanding of the path I’m walking towards as a successful PE, and to see what she currently expects from me at my current level.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

That I used to play the xylophone in school and that I’m an Egyptian.

What advice do you have for a prospective candidate considering Larson Design Group?  

To always be curious about learning more, and to always ask “Why?”

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