Bridge Painting – Keeping Your Bridges Strong & Healthy No.4
bridge painting

Terry Township Supervisors understood the necessity to preserve their existing structure before the known advanced section loss on the interior beams of their one bridge required a vehicle weight restriction,  beam replacement, or possible bridge closure.  By completing the strengthening of the beam webs and sandblasting and painting the entire superstructure, the Township has maintained a legal load bridge crossing for the public and limited the maintenance work required on the structure for many years to come.

bridge paintingbridge paintingbridge painting

The work was completed by a local PennDOT qualified contractor.  The bridge was prepped and encapsulated with a containment system to capture the waste (blast material  & paint chips). The main beams where blasted to near white metal and painted with a 3 coat organic zinc rich system in accordance with PennDOT standards.  All paint products where PennDOT Bulletin 15 approved.  LDG provided professional engineering services for the project.  If you have any questions on cleaning and painting one of your structures please give me a call or send me an email.

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