Larson Design Group Designs Bradford County Bridge Rebuild

Larson Design Group (LDG) was proud to partner recently with Bradford County and Susquehanna Valley Construction Corporation to rebuild County Bridge No. 11 on Pratts Mill Road, after the previous structure collapsed during a high-water event in April of 2017. A ribbon-cutting for the new structure was held on Oct. 29, 2019, attended by representatives from LDG, Susquehanna Valley Construction Corp. and Bradford County. 

The original bridge – which travels over Towanda Creek – was built in 1910 and had deteriorated to the point of limited weight-bearing and a shortened inspection timeframe; before its eventual closing and then collapse, it was posted for a three-ton weight limit and on a one-month inspection cycle. The new bridge that LDG designed, a single span prestressed concrete box beam bridge on integral abutments, is designed to handle all legal loads, has no load posting and will be on a standard two-year inspection cycle.  

As the project site has a history of flooding and is in a detailed FEMA Study Area, the new structure also has a 21 percent increase in its waterway opening, slightly lowering flood elevations in the immediate area. 

The bridge is also the first of eight bridges and box culverts to be replaced via the Bradford County Bridge Bundling Project. Using Act 13 Impact Fees, Bradford County is rebuilding key pieces of the County bridge inventory and addressing the County’s transportation needs, at a time when traditional bridge replacement funding sources are limited. 

“Designing this new structure was an important project for the County and LDG was pleased to be a part of it,” said David Gunsallus, Director of Bridge Design for LDG. “Its efficient, timely completion is a testament to the bridge-bundling approach that helps to reduce costs for construction, design and construction inspection. We commend Bradford County on taking this innovative bridge-bundling approach to address the County’s infrastructure needs.” 

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