Vertical Clearance Signs – Keeping Your Bridges Strong & Healthy No. 6
Vertical Clearance Signs

In February 2012, the specifications for the Low Clearance Overhead Sign were revised. This sign (W12-2A) is used on bridges, underpasses, and overhead structures where the vertical clearance is less than 14’-6”. The W12-2A sign replaces the W12-2P sign approved in 2006. The W12-2A has three distinct sizes and uses (see specification below).

Several municipalities have contacted us to make sure the new sign size was correct when they ordered one.There is quite a difference in size and color from the existing low vertical clearance signs everyone is accustomed to seeing on local steel trusses and timber covered bridges.

Vertical Clearance sign100_4833

Above, you will see an example of the older type of sign (white) and the new sign type (yellow). You can see why some municipalities thought they had received the wrong sign.

Municipalities do not need to go out and replace of all their low overhead vertical clearance signs with the new type, but if one is damaged or its reflectivity is no longer visible and it needs to be replaced, be prepared to install a large yellow sign.

Here are the specifications:

 Current Vert Clearance Sign

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