Thanksgiving at Larson Design Group
Happy Thanksgiving wooden blocks against rustic wood with autumn leaves

This blog is being published in the midst of the Thanksgiving chaos; family will soon be arriving from out of town, houses must be frantically cleaned to prepare for their arrival, and crowds must be battled at the grocery store in order to purchase the last of the Thanksgiving meal necessities.

Amidst all of the mayhem, it’s important to take time to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday. We asked some of our employees to share the things that make this holiday special to them. As you read their responses, think about what your own answers would be. Whether you’re thankful for family, friends, a warm home, a fruitful career, or even just the new beginning that each day brings, don’t let your gratitude get lost in the holiday whirlwind.

From our family to yours, have a great Thanksgiving.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Steve Beattie, Director of Sales and Marketing, Williamsport: My family’s stuffing. It’s got bacon and Italian sausage in it.
Traditional Herb Stuffing with Bacon and Sausage

Jim Christie, Project Manager, Morgantown: Jalapeno cranberry sauce—my wife started making it when we lived in Colorado and now we have it every year.
Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce

Maureen Bower, Project Manager, Corning: Turkey. It just isn’t Thanksgiving without the bird! Close second is mashed turnips.
Mashed Turnips

Dave Baum, Project Manager, Wexford: Along with the traditional turkey I’d have to say halupki, haluski, and pierogies. Basically, if you make it with cabbage or potatoes, I’ll eat it!
Haluski (Pan-fried cabbage and noodles)
Halupki (Stuffed cabbage)

Have you had any Thanksgivings that were particularly memorable?
Steve: A couple of years ago, I took my family to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. I had been to it as a child, so it was wonderful to be able to take my kids.

Jim: All of my childhood Thanksgivings, because of our large family. There were 14 aunts and uncles and 24 cousins, plus my family every Thanksgiving. Everybody cooked. I have lots of great memories of those dinners.

Maureen: Every year, I am fortunate to get to spend Thanksgiving with my family and friends. On occasion, my family is known to have done a beer exchange. Everyone who wants to participate brings a 6-pack to enter. We have a systematic way of scoring the beers on everything from the best tasting to the prettiest label to the stuff you would use to clean your toilet. Prizes are awarded in each category and everyone gets a collection of beers to take home.

Dave: All of them! Looking back, there are a lot of people who are no longer here, but I’m thankful for the time I had with them. Also, as my kids grow older, each Thanksgiving we spend together is special.

What are you thankful for this year?
Steve: In September, I started classes for my MBA. I’m thankful for the opportunity to further my education and especially thankful to have a family who supports my endeavors.

Jim: This year, I’m thankful that I’m getting together with my wife’s whole family in Disney World. We live all over the country, so this is a rare opportunity.

Maureen: I am most thankful for my health and the support system of family and friends in my life. And dogs. Always thankful for dogs.

Dave: I have too many blessings to list, so I’ll summarize by saying health, wealth, family, and friends.

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