A “Dandy” Restoration Part 3: Design

Located at the intersection of Route 6 & 187 in Wysox, PA, the building sits at a key juncture that is heavily used by both local and natural gas truck traffic, making it a prime location. Sure it may be easier and less costly to simply tear it down and start from scratch, but that has never been a realistic option. The building’s history combined with the strong local support to restore it only reinforced Randy’s decision – to save as much as possible without hindering the proposed new store. The challenge then became to balance the restoration with the need to expand and modernize the building, then tie it all together without costing a fortune. Quite a challenge indeed.

But before we got too far, I proposed conducting an Architectural feasibility study which would document the existing conditions and determine what truly could or could not be saved. Randy agreed and a team was sent to perform a detailed building survey, documenting every wall, door, window, structural beam, truss, etc. Many of the original features are intact, but have fallen into disrepair and require considerable restoration. However, the building “shell”, which consists of the masonry bearing walls, foundation, roof & floor systems, is in pretty good shape and can be reused with some structural improvements.

Afterwards, a BIM model was created using Autodesk Revit® software so that the entire building could be viewed in 3D. This allowed our design team and structural engineers to analyze the building, adding and removing elements to see the impacts it had on the structure. From this 3D model several design options were created for the client to review, allowing them to easily visualize the proposed concepts and gather preliminary costs before any decisions are made.
The overall goal is to open the interior of the store more, improving visibility while allowing more natural daylight to enter the space. One major piece Randy would like to reconstruct is the rooftop cupola. Using old photos of the original, we were able to recreate this classic structure in 3D and see how it can be incorporated into the new design. On the utility side, new Electrical & Mechanical systems will be installed including LED lighting, high-efficient HVAC units, and modern kitchen equipment. Food service, Grocery, Dining, Restrooms and Fuel Islands will be upgraded and expanded as well – all features customers come to expect in a typical Dandy store.

Current Status
The feasibility study is complete and the Building/Site design is ongoing. The plan is to renovate the building in phases, starting with new windows and roof being installed this Fall/Winter to better protect it from weather. The remaining construction will follow this Spring/Summer and will include gas & diesel island expansions as well.

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