Stewardship in Action
Aaron Burkholder

Aaron Burkholder, Architectural Technician in our Retail Design department, has been volunteering for the Woodward Township Volunteer Fire Company for 15 years. “I like helping people,” Burkholder said. “That’s what we’re there for.”

The Company was there for a four-alarm fire in Linden on April 18th. Aaron received the dispatch around 8 am while he was working. “I couldn’t be there, but I wanted to do something to help the guys out,” he said. “So I took them pizza during my lunch break. Sometimes, you’ll be at a fire all day and never get to have lunch; it can be exhausting.”

Burkholder said volunteer fire departments across the country have been having trouble finding volunteers. “Woodward Fire Company has about 25 volunteers, but only 13 are active and fully trained. We cover two townships; it would be ideal to have double that number of volunteers, if not more.” In order to be an active volunteer firefighter, interested persons must undergo 144 hours of training.

“I’ll turn 31 in July, and I’m the youngest active member of the department,” he continued. “It’s harder to get young people involved.”

To find out more about the Woodward Township Volunteer Fire Company and how you can become involved, visit their website: or like them on Facebook

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