At Larson Design Group, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. This spotlight is on Apalachin-based Timothy Bailey, PE, Senior Engineer.

What is your position here at Larson Design Group and when did you join LDG?

My current position is Senior Engineer and I have been with LDG since September of 2016.

Describe a typical day in your role:

That’s what I like most about my current role – I really don’t have a typical day. It’s always changing and could involve anything from managing the stormwater inspection contract for Dominion Energy to working on the design and approval for private, municipal or federal land development projects; QA/QC of plans and reports, stormwater or construction inspections; or developing proposals.

What attracted you to join Larson Design Group originally?

I originally wasn’t looking to leave my last employer. However, after someone from LDG reached out to me about an opportunity for employment, I did some research regarding the company. Based on the overall company philosophy and core values, I decided that the position would be a good fit for my skill set as an engineer and that I could become a valuable member of the LDG team.

How has Larson Design Group helped you in your career development?

LDG has helped my career by constantly providing challenging opportunities that motivate me to learn and develop new skills, which in turn will allow me to grow both personally and professionally to become a better manager of myself and others.

What is your proudest moment at Larson Design Group?

It’s hard to pick one. It could be as simple as procuring the necessary project approvals to the actual construction of a design project. I find the completion of each individual task or project extremely gratifying.

If you could switch places with anyone else at Larson Design Group for a day, who would it be and why?

Not sure I would want to switch places with anyone else at LDG for a day. You may swap places with someone, but that doesn’t mean you become them or gain all their skills and knowledge.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I enjoy fishing (ice and open water), hunting, and coaching baseball.

What advice do you have for a prospective candidate considering Larson Design Group? 

Be both punctual and dependable whether it be for work or meeting project deadlines.  Also, don’t be afraid of failure or be hesitant to take on new or unfamiliar work – you can only succeed and gain experience by doing or learning new things!

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