Our surveyors provide professional services for all our clients’ surveying requirements, including topographical data collection, boundary surveying, project layout, and as-built verification. Larson Design Group’s experienced surveyors assist in all phases of field surveying, from initial planning and property line location/establishment, to field staking of proposed improvements and final measurement of completed projects.

Texas Firm Registration Certification # 10194240

GPS/GIS Technology

Larson Design Group utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) survey and mapping grade equipment for data collection and data reduction (post-processing). The GPS equipment acquires positional data from GPS satellites which our surveyors can download and post-process in various mapping software products. This data can then be integrated into Geographical Information System (GIS) software. The GIS software can be used to compile and interpret GPS data to create maps and other visual project tools. GPS is a very fast and efficient tool to perform many aspects of surveying.

Bathymetric Surveying

Larson Design Group utilizes echo sounding technology in survey work involving submerged terrain surveys such as stream, lake, & river cross sections and pond/lake volumetric surveys. Echo sound surveying allows us to safely, quickly, and accurately capture crucial project data that lies beneath the surface (i.e. on the floor) of a body of water.


  • ALTA Surveys
  • Boundary Retracement and Subdivision Surveying
  • Commercial and industrial tracts, including both urbanized and rural areas.
  • Highway and roadway layout, rights-of-way, easements.
  • Drainage, building line, and property setback lines.
  • Map, deed, and property record research.
  • Property surveys and plats for land transactions and their proper recording.

Topographic Surveying

  • Topographic surveys for computer-aided plotting.
  • Municipal and county mapping, including streets and roadway rights-of-way, utility systems, drainage ways.
  • Stockpile and pit surveys for soil/mineral volume calculations.

Construction Surveying

  • Equipment, piping, construction leveling, dimension control and verification.
  • Staking building foundations, column lines, curb and gutter, highway work, fences, water and sanitary utility lines, drainage improvements, telephone and power conduits, pipelines, and other construction and improvements.