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LDG’s capabilities extend to projects that require data collection, mapping, data conversion, database design, modeling, and analysis.

Larson Design Group provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services that include feasibility studies, base mapping, trail mapping, environmental mapping, sewage facilities planning, stormwater planning, data conversion, and migration into an electronic format for asset management.

Our team of experienced technicians works closely with clients to develop a GIS solution tailored to their specific needs and budget. Clients frequently have an interest in GIS, but lack the ability to fully fund a complete Project. A great benefit of GIS is the ability to create Spatial Databases in multiple steps, with each step adding additional data and functionality. This process can span several years and includes many steps to reach a complete Spatial Database.


  1. Listen to our client’s needs
  2. Determine Process
  3. Determine Deliverable
  4. Build and Design Geodatabase or other file type
  5. Collection (field or from other sources)
  6. Analysis
  7. Final Deliverable
  8. Training client on data and applications
  9. Maintenance


  • Build complex Geodatabases
  • Offer online Solutions
  • Offer ESRI compatible solution with ArcExplorer and ArcReader
  • Manage Assets
  • Customized Applications
  • Model Creations
  • Promote workflows and Efficiencies
  • Perform Spatial Analysis on your Location or Site
  • Track trends and analyze the data
  • Work with the client to position the client for success
  • Data Development, Migration, and Maintenance
  • GPS and other mobile application

Who We Work with


Standardizing data into formats that are widely used and recognized that already work with dozens of applications for a wide range of government offices. Analyzing patterns, growth and potential of a region while providing low cost and effective solutions to government needs. We are building complex databases to track assets, manage and query data, and to recognize trends which can help offices react.

Our Proactive approach to building and analyzing data has set us apart. We are using the latest technology to host out maps and applications that saves government time and money while aiding offices and departments in the daily routines and tasks. We make it possible for you to make smarter decisions.


If you are looking for solutions of where you are going, how you’re getting there then our Route optimization and fleet management solutions may be the answer for you. We have worked with clients building and modeling routes to fit their needs, integrating software and hardware to come up with a solution that works best for everyone. Mobile solutions to inspect bridges, signs, roads and other transportation features are customized and made to fit the job. We also use GIS to analyze and address changes in traffic patterns and flows for example when a bridge is out, when an interchange is changed, or a mall is built. Our Proactive approach can help mediate a problem before one ever occurs.


We utilize industry standards in building custom models that work with preexisting maps and applications to get your system up and running in no time. We will convert files and build databases to model your entire system to enable queries and analysis at the same time keeping costs low. You will immediately see the built in efficiencies of a working model and tracking assets. Quickly see where the oldest part of your system is, what needs inspected or repaired, see what customers will be affected if a part of the system is down, communicate with field crews and drop notes for later references. Communicate with your customers like never before using our hosted services to give yourself a true online solution. Use these solutions to track your assets and make informed decisions while at the same time promoting efficiencies in your daily tasks. You will see the cost saving start to pile up in no time.


Find the best spot for your site whether it is a warehouse, a distribution center, a windmill, or a store. What is the proximity to a major highway, a city, where is the geographic center of your region, who are you marketing to? Let us answer these questions and many more. Using GIS allows us to perform all kind of location analysis on one site or many. Our designers and mappers will create beautiful concept maps to aid in design and community outreach. We can mitigate problems with drainage, flooding and other environmental concerns before they are even a problem. Let us help your business or endeavor succeed.

This is an app that can help you manage status of environmental permits, road crossings, inspection reports, and other documents related to your project.


Larson Design Group works with industry leading energy clients on improving their processes and mapping their features. We diligently work to address all of their environmental permitting, mapping of wetlands, species and performing complex analysis on view sheds. Many clients have us manage their ever growing number of assets. We can fit them into preexisting formats or develop customized standards tailored to the client’s needs.

What do you want collected, categorized and logged. We create our databases specific to every client’s needs weather it is pipeline or well pad design. We can build the data out into systems, offer on line solutions, map creation or complex spatial analysis to see where you have been and where you are going. Not only do we deal with the traditional energy we also keep our eyes on the future and help leverage the use and aid in the design of renewable energy solutions.

This app was created to help our clients analyze alternative routes options, visualize financial impacts of the options and  track the progress of land leases activities.