Laser scanning analyzes real-world environments to collect data that can be measured and quantified. From presenting real-world structures in a virtual setting to assisting with prototype development and coordination, 3D laser scanning and measuring has the potential to benefit your business in limitless ways.

What is 3D Scanning?

  • Infrared 3D laser scanning technology
  • Scans 360 degrees and multiple heights
  • Creates a point cloud of geometric samples from millions of colored pixels
  • Multiple scans can be aligned to create a complete model
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications

Why use 3D Scanning?

  • Digitize and document as-built conditions with laser scanning technology
  • Analyze real-world environments to collect data that can be measured and quantified
  • Improved accuracy and quality building surveys
  • Versatility for a wide range of applications
  • Smart data – not static 2D photographs and prints
  • 3D output resulting in better design coordination and faster decision making

Benefits to Your Business

  • Real-world environments are presented in a virtual 3D environment
  • Provides long-term investments for future projects with stored data that can be utilized at any time
  • Assessment of store finishes – provides a full 3D survey in which all finishes are visible
  • Document and assist with signage layout
  • Locate merchandise in aisles and its placement on shelving for coordination
  • Full store photographs can be generated from file
  • 360 degree videos of store and accessory spaces
  • Walk-through videos for marketing and coordination
  • Assist with prototype development and coordination – create planograms from prototype stores for sequential store coordination
  • Streamlined construction document coordination