LDG Federal is providing landscape architecture, transportation engineering, and building engineering for the delivery of a new $19 million fire station at MCB Quantico, Virginia. The 25,000-square-foot facility includes a crew residential area, offices, apparatus bay, and support spaces such as lockers, laundry, a fitness room, dispatch, training room, and conference rooms. Site development includes the installation of new utilities, landscaping, parking, access roads, and stormwater management. The facility design will include sustainable design practices intended to achieve LEED® Silver certification. The project also includes transportation enhancements with the installation of a new traffic circle at the intersection of MCB1 and MCB2.


One of the critical challenges that the LDG team faced was completing the necessary environmental documentation prior to the mating season of a threatened species that inhabits MCB Quantico. The impact to the project team was that the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and the site development plan needed to be approved by the appropriate authorities in order to keep construction on its critical path. For the roundabout, a major issue affecting the team was the presence of multiple telecommunication lines that support a variety of Department of Defense and Department of Justice organizations. Given security concerns, the exact location of these lines was classified and presented a significant obstacle to ensure the networks were not affected by the design.


The solution to both of the challenges listed above involved the use of a proactive and responsive project team. The team attended multiple on site meetings and maintained regular contact with MCB Quantico. The team provided regular updates on the status of deliverables and worked to make the review process as simple as possible. Doing so allowed the review process to be complete with minimal comments and permitted the project to continue on its accelerated schedule.