Bloomsburg University Columbia County, PA

Electrical Distribution Study

The Bloomsburg University campus primary electrical distribution study was conducted to evaluate and document the existing conditions and recommend system upgrades.

The system utilizes more than 11.5 miles of cables, 2 primary services, 47 transformers, and 80 manholes to support 47 campus facilities.

The objectives of the study were to document existing primary electrical distribution, update campus electrical distribution mapping, evaluate the lower campus substation and metering, evaluate the upper campus primary electrical system to develop loop distribution, conduct a fault current analysis of the electrical distribution up to the main primary voltage transformer feeding each building, conduct a load flow analysis, and evaluate the existing and future needs for the electrical distribution system.

The study identified several upgrade requirements which included critical manhole and cable support upgrades, un-coordinated protective devices, required substation upgrades, and inaccurate metering both at the primary service and building entrances.

Based on the findings of the study, Larson Design Group provided a master construction plan identifying construction costs, system outage requirements, and a construction period that allowed the University to complete the upgrades as time and monies permitted.

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