Project Management at Your Fingertips
Project Management at Your Fingertips

LDG utilizes a user-friendly online Project Management Portal (PMP) which allows our Brand Architecture clients to monitor multiple projects in real-time, from any location 24/7/365.

The system is securely hosted on the cloud and can be accessed from any computer, laptop, or mobile device, allowing clients to view information on their own schedule without having to call or email.

What makes this software so unique is that all project information is located on a single, easy-to-use platform. Key features include dynamic scheduling, task checklists, web-links, automatic notifications, contact list, and a built-in file server. There’s no need to send an email attachment or navigate through a cumbersome FTP site to view a drawing; with the PMP you are automatically sent a direct link when a file is uploaded. The system supports any file type and can even be used to host documents for private bid.

Schedules can also be viewed individually or across multiple projects showing all key milestones on a single calendar or Gantt chart. This allows the Project Manager, Design Team and Client to easily keep track of each project’s development. Daily task lists and milestone reminders are automatically sent via e-mail to each responsible team member, ensuring that all deadlines and requirements are completed.

Overall, the PMP has improved coordination and drastically reduced the amount of questions and correspondence for both the client and the design team. This software is currently utilized by several major Brand clients and is provided free of charge as part of LDG’s standard service.

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