NYC ICSC Show – Deal Making New York – Post-Show Follow-Up Report

Steve: The New York ICSC Deal Making show had the same energy and activity that is occurring across all corners of the Retail industry. 9,500 attendees created a buzz not seen at previous NY Deal Making shows.



Steve: This show is about connecting. Larson Design Group used this time to connect with our many existing clients while also fostering new connections with retailers, developers, and brokers.



Kara: An important topic was how retailers can compete with Amazon (a common topic in the retail industry). It is all about the experience they get in the physical store that Amazon cannot give them.



Kara: There was a strong emphasis on technology in this years show. A technology lounge set up with 10 minute presentations throughout the day on the latest innovative advances companies are putting into retailers hands to increase engagement.


Steve: Mainstream media may tell you that the retail apocalypse is upon us. Over the two days, I experienced optimism and discussion on a strong consumer, liquidity to fund projects, and new approaches to retailing.


Kara: A huge point made was employees first, consumers second. Employees should be passionate about their line of work, since they are the ones interfacing with the customers. Educating and investing in employee growth is integral to adding another level of satisfaction to the customer experience.


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