PA Small Water and Sewer Grants
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Greg Cummings, LDG’s director of water/wastewater engineering, has 18 years of experience helping municipal clients find funding for their projects. In 2017, he secured more than $2 million in grant funds for clients in Pennsylvania and New York, and he’s already secured $3 million in project grants so far in 2018.

In this feature, Greg answers commonly asked questions about the different types of grants for which a client could qualify. This month, he’s discussing the Pennsylvania Small Water & Sewer grant made available through the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development. Future months will discuss funds available from the United States Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) and the New York State Consolidated Funding Application.

What types of projects are eligible for this grant?

The grant funds projects which cost between $30,000 and $500,000. This could include pump station upgrades, small water or sewer main replacements and other relatively small undertakings. This grant can also help with costs associated with regionalization (when two or more municipalities join forces to create a single water/wastewater authority).

Are there any special requirements?

To receive this grant, a municipality has to provide matching funds of at least 15 percent of the total project cost. The good news is that those funds can come from other grants, including ones from PENNVEST.

How many applications have you prepared for this grant?

Many! This year alone we’re preparing about 10.

What goes into the application?

A project description, the last three years of financial info for the municipality, an environmental review, a cost assessment, support letters from County Planning and typically a support letter from local political officials.

How long does it take to prepare the application?

About 4-6 weeks. Applications need to be taken to a municipal meeting so local officials can pass a resolution stating they have funds available to match the grant.

Is there anything else municipalities should know about this grant?

It’s a great program, but very competitive. They get about 10 times more requests than they can fund.

Can readers looking for infrastructure funding contact you with questions?

Absolutely! Helping clients fund their projects is one of the best parts of my job. Even though it’s too late to apply for a PA Small Water & Sewer grant for 2018, there are many other funding programs available throughout the year. I can be reached at 607-654-0913 or through email at

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