LDG to Host “Strong Towns” Curbside Chat
Architectural, Engineering, and Survey Firm

Across Pennsylvania and the entire country, involved citizens are debating ways to improve their towns. Larson Design Group (LDG), an engineering, surveying, and brand architecture firm headquartered in Williamsport, is bringing the debate home. On October 2nd, the firm will host a Curbside Chat featuring speaker Charles Marohn of the nonprofit group Strong Towns for a free event open to the public.

“The goal of Strong Towns is to spark discussion about community development and the best ways to help towns achieve financial strength and sustainability,” explains Paul Bleichner, Marketing Director for LDG. “Their Curbside Chat delivers thought-provoking speakers to towns and cities across the U.S. to discuss the current economic crisis, examine American development patterns, and define what has and hasn’t worked for other towns across the country.”

The Curbside Chat will take place at Lycoming College’s Lecture Seminar Auditorium D-001 in Wendle Hall. The event will begin at 1:30 with introductions by Keith Kuzio, President and CEO of LDG, Mayor Gabriel Campana, Kurt Hausammann of the Lycoming County Planning Commission, and Dr. Kent Trachte, President of Lycoming College.

Featured Speaker Charles “Chuck” Marohn is the Executive Director of Strong Towns. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Minnesota. He is the author of Thoughts on Building Strong Towns (Volume 1), the primary author of the Strong Towns Blog and the host of the Strong Towns Podcast and See it Differently TV.

“As an engineering firm, it’s our duty to be community stewards; we design communities and we want to make sure we’re designing them to best serve their residents,” says Kuzio. “Inviting Chuck to speak will spark an ongoing discussion on ways to improve Williamsport, and we’ll be listening.”

To learn more about Strong Towns, visit here.

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