LDG Engineer serves on Pennsylvania One call System Board of Directors
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The Pennsylvania One Call System was formed in 1972 to help protect the underground facilities of members through communication with any person planning to disturb the earth.

Most PA residents know about the organization from the posters which say “Know what’s below. Dial 8-1-1 before you dig.”

PA One Call is overseen by a Board of Directors, with one spot on the board reserved for a designer. Robert Weaver, PLS, Site Designer at Larson Design Group (LDG), held this seat on the board since 1997. As representative for the design community, it was Weaver’s responsibility to be the voice for the profession at the state level, to be an advocate for issues of concern for designers, and to communicate with the other parties, particularly when changes to Act 287, known as the PA Underground Utility Line Protection Law, are enacted.

During his tenure with the Board of Directors, Mr. Weaver recommended the creation of a design task force in 2005 when Act 287 was amended. That task force has since become one of the committees reporting to the PA One Call Board of Directors; Weaver served as Chairman of the committee.

In 2013, Mr. Weaver decided to step down from the Board. “I felt it was time for a change,” he said. “Others will have new ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.”

At their last meeting, The PA One Call System presented a plaque commemorating Weaver’s years of service. Mr. Weaver says of his experience, “I developed great friendships with the PA One Call staff and others on the Board of Directors and will miss that. I always valued the professionalism and courtesy shown by all involved. It was nice traveling to other parts of the state for the quarterly Board meetings and enjoying what those communities had to offer. My wife often accompanied me and both she and I will miss those trips.”

Filling Mr. Weaver’s place on the Board of Directors is Drew Barton, PE, Project Manager with the Site Group at LDG’s Williamsport headquarters.

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