We provide full-service project solutions from fleet feasibility studies and site evaluation to gas detection systems and equipment specifications. We help clients assess their fleets and understand the regulatory requirements established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Code Council (ICC). Our process allows us to determine the most efficient solution for each client and our equipment vendor partners offer ongoing operations and maintenance support as desired.

Each CNG project team includes the right mix of Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, and Site Engineers; Architects; Surveyors; and Construction Inspectors.

A track record of innovation, advocacy, stewardship, and success.

LDG has been heavily involved in the Marcellus Shale play since 2008, and our ability to provide innovative, value-added solutions to our clients has propelled our success. Our experience has uniquely positioned LDG to educate our communities on the benefits of CNG and the potential ROI for fleet conversion. In 2010, we established the CNG Focus Group to foster learning, collaboration, and action on CNG fueling and infrastructure; bringing together community leaders and fleet managers. Since then we have become national leaders in comprehensive planning for CNG fleet fueling and station design.

Fleet CNG Assessment Form

We have developed an online form to help fleet managers determine if CNG conversion is right for them.  Click here.

CNG Garage Modifications & Fueling stations

CNG Garage Modifications & Fueling Stations

ngv ( natural gas vehicle) facilities

  • Codes Analysis & Standards
  • Garage / Building Modifications
  • CNG Garage Design
  • LNG Garage Design
  • Alternative Vehicle Garage
  • CNG Feasibility Studies
  • Facilities Engineering
  • Codes & Standards, Codes & Regulations, Safety
  • Fire/Security Systems/IT
  • Cost Estimating
  • Equipment Specification
  • Final Engineering
  • Permit Services
  • Permit Acquisition

CNG/lng station design

  • Codes Analysis & Standards
  • CNG Feasibility Studies
  • CNG Station Site Survey, Site Evaluation & Site Selection
  • State Sizing Design
  • Fleet Fueling Station Planning
  • Fleet Analysis
  • Natural Gas Supply Evaluation
  • Preliminary & Final Engineering Design
  • Traffic Studies
  • Field Survey
  • Environmental Evaluations & Permitting
  • Surveying, Site Design & Land Development
  • Environmental Evaluations & Permitting
  • Surveying, Site Design & Land Development
  • Cost Estimating
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Gas Pipeline Routing
  • Permitting Services
  • Highway Operating Permits
  • State & Municipal Permits
  • Building/Site Programming
  • Entitlement Processing

project management

  • Project Visualization
  • Project Development Checklists
  • Program management
  • Future Expansion Considerations

Bidding & Construction Administration

  • Construction Observation
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Stakeout
  • Sub-consultant Work
  • Coordination Services
  • Bid Plans & Specifications
  • Bidding & Procurement Assistance