Larson Design Group Selected for Liquid Natural Gas Facility Design Work

Larson Design Group (LDG) has been awarded a contract with Frontier Natural Resources, in partnership with FNX LNG Solutions, for civil, structural and geotechnical design services for a 34,000 gallon per day (gpd) liquid natural gas (LNG) production facility that will supply clean and affordable natural gas to the farming, transportation and industrial sectors in the heart of Pennsylvania.

Frontier LNG, based in Clinton County, is scheduled to be fully operational for commercial production in the fall of 2019, converting Marcellus natural gas into LNG fuel that will be cost-competitive with diesel and liquified petroleum gas (LPG). The plant will use a combination of compressors, expanders and a closed-cycle nitrogen loop to cool natural gas to approximately -260 degrees Fahrenheit to facilitate liquefaction.

Frontier Natural Resources ( is an independent oil and natural gas producer based in central Pennsylvania, with a primary focus on conventional and unconventional resources across the Appalachian Basin. FNX LNG Solutions is a multi-national manufacturer of small-scale LNG plants that focus on mobility, modularity and scalability and are known in the industry for their robustness, operational simplicity and low capital and operational costs.

“LDG is excited to be part of the Frontier Natural Resources and FNX LNG Solutions team, and to assist in the development of this important cost-effective fuel source for the region,” said Chris Bostaph, LDG’s Vice President of Energy.

Founded in 1993, Larson Design Group is an emerging national architecture, engineering and survey firm with 10 offices in four states and a vision to elevate client relationships, enrich the careers and lives of its employee-owners, and enhance the communities in which it operates. LDG’s Energy Division provides services in oil & gas upstream and midstream, alternative energy, mine subsidence investigations and more. For more information, visit

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