Larson Design Group Finance VP Akujieze of Selinsgrove to Present at CFO Leadership Summit

Adanma Akujieze, CPA, Vice President of Finance with Larson Design Group’s Selinsgrove office, will present at the prestigious 2018 Connect CFO Leadership Summit in Chicago on Oct. 22, 2018. The invitation-only Summit brings together CFOs and finance executives from a range of Fortune 500 companies and emerging mid-size firms.

Akujieze’s session, “Risk Assessments: From Paper to Practice,” will highlight how risk assessments can go from merely being a concept to becoming a critical component of any organization. She will cover how companies can create a comprehensive risk library and add quantitative measures to risk. She also will discuss how to weave risk management into an organization’s fabric and explore risk awareness as a lifestyle.

“A successful risk awareness culture is one in which employees at all levels of the organization recognize it as such,” Akujieze said. “Too often, organizations’ risk assessment and risk management initiatives die prematurely because there is a lack of ownership and/or committed responsibility over the process. Interestingly, this absence of commitment to the process exists because the question ‘what then do we do with it?’ is unanswered.”

Widely sought for her views, Akujieze recently published “Business Acumen: the Next Step in Millennial Development” in the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ CPA Now column.

Akujieze leads LDG’s team of accounting professionals who provide and interpret reliable financial data for drawing meaningful conclusions and making critical business decisions. In addition, her work helps achieve compliance with financial reporting regulations, avoid unproductive use of assets by tracking spending against monthly and annual goals, reduce project profit erosion and expedite payment on receivables to maintain a strong cash position.

In the community, Akujieze serves as president of the board of Snyder, Union, Mifflin County Child Development (SUMCD), Inc., is a member of the PICPA Council and board of directors of the PICPA Foundation. Earlier this year, she was appointed to the board of River Valley Health and Dental Center in Williamsport, PA.

More about Akujieze: Also see her “LDG Women in Leadership” profile at

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