Employee Spotlight: Bob Weaver

This month, two members of the LDG family retired after many years of service. This spotlight is on Bob Weaver, Project Designer in our Williamsport Site department. Bob was with the company for 41 years and was one of our first employees.

Bob influenced countless employees in our site department and beyond. We wish him a very happy retirement!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during your career?

Clients make our business possible and service should be the priority. Treat others with courtesy and respect.

What advice would you give to someone struggling to maintain work/life balance?

Prioritize. Make a schedule and try to stick with it. As part of that, make time for work and for family, both of which are important. Strive for and find the balance.

What was the proudest moment of your career?

I would have to say receiving client service recognition awards, because they meant clients valued the work we did for them.

What do you think is the most important trait for success?

It’s hard to name one as there are so many. Communication. Planning. Leadership. Perhaps humility is important; it’s not about what I did, but what we did as a team. Good things are possible when no one cares about who gets the credit.

What are some of your favorite memories from your time at LDG?

One that comes to mind has nothing to do with a project or design. I will never forget the compassion of my co-workers when my daughter died in 1996. They all donated a portion of their vacation time to me when I was out of the office for 6 weeks dealing with it. I will always remember that generosity.

What has been your favorite thing about working for LDG?

The opportunity to work for a well-known, well respected firm to make a good living. The security of having a job for my entire career with that firm.

What would you consider your favorite part of your career?

Assisting clients with solutions to their projects, and evaluating options with them and arriving together at the best decision. Seeing opportunity rather than problems.

What do you hope is your legacy with LDG?

I had great mentors in my career in Bob Ferrell, Bob Hunt, Ken Larson and others. I hope that I have fulfilled that role for those who worked with me and that they in turn will serve that role for others.

What are your plans for retirement?

More opportunities to volunteer, bike ride, hike, read, home improvement projects, perhaps pick up a fishing pole again – things that were not always possible with the work week schedule.

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