LDG Appoints Adanma Akujieze as New Chief Financial Officer


Larson Design Group (LDG) is excited to announce a transition in leadership. Effective July 1, LDG’s longtime Chief Financial Officer Brenda Nichols will step down, and Vice President of Finance Adanma Akujieze will take on the role as the new CFO. 

“I’m deeply honored and very excited,” Adanma said of the transition. “This is a tremendous opportunity to continue to make an impact in our already amazing company, which not only lives out its core values daily but continues moving toward significant growth.” 

Adanma’s plans for the financial future of LDG include “unapologetically marching toward innovative growth and development.” With an unwavering commitment to financial reporting accuracy and integrity, Adanma and the team she leads will provide transactional support to LDG’s project teams as well as decision support for the firm’s strategic initiatives. In addition, she will drive LDG’s financial governance and enterprisewide risk management efforts. Firmwide financial education is also a top priority and passion of Adanma’s. 

Brenda, who has been with LDG for 26 years, will remain involved with the company on a number of levels, from continuing to serve as Board Chair to working on special projects and assignments. 

“Obviously, it was very important to me that LDG continues its growth into the future,” Brenda said. “Selecting someone with the strength and intelligence to keep it moving forward toward that end was my number-one goal in this transition, and that’s what we have in Adanma.” 

LDG CEO Keith Kuzio added, “Similar to Brenda, Adanma’s personal goals and values align very well with those of LDG’s employee-owned business model. That alignment will support continued success and excellence in the LDG finance and accounting functions through this transition and for many years to come.”  

The process of working closely with Adanma has been “a great experience,” Brenda said, noting that Adanma has brought “wonderful ideas and different perspectives” to the finance and accounting processes and to the company as a whole. 

“When Adanma joined LDG, she wasn’t willing to accept status quo of what existed – she wanted to get in there and get to know the accounting team and look at it from her perspective, not mine or anyone else’s,” Brenda said. “She created a team-building technique to managing her staff. It was a refreshing approach.” 

Adanma said she was very fortunate to have developed under Brenda’s leadership for several years.  

“Brenda possesses a great amount of institutional knowledge – she has a great depth of understanding about the business and adds value in every meeting or discussion that comes up,” she said. “She bleeds LDG.” 

Adanma, who joined LDG in 2017, holds a bachelor of arts and a master of science in accounting, both from Michigan State University. She is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Information Systems Auditor and Certified Internal Auditor. Prior to joining LDG, she held finance leadership positions at Weis Markets, Inc.. An avid speaker with dynamic communication skills and excellent interpersonal capabilities, Adanma has presented at both nationwide conferences and local leadership events.  

Founded in 1986, Larson Design Group is a national architecture, engineering and survey firm with nine offices in four states and a vision to elevate client relationships, enrich the careers and lives of its employee-owners, and enhance the communities in which it operates. For more information, visit www.larsondesigngroup.com.