Wheelchair Team Building for Veterans

LDG’s energy Division recently held a business planning retreat at the Gateway Lodge in Cook Forest State Park in Cooksburg, PA.

As an evening team building event, the group formed two teams for a “Build-a-Wheelchair” charitable activity. The teams, Team Pauling and Team Rogers, answered a series of LDG and personal trivia questions to earn parts, tools, and the instructions to assemble two new wheelchairs. Once the wheelchairs were fully assembled, the teams proceeded to a timed obstacle course to test their wheelchairs. The team member that was selected to navigate the course was blindfolded and attempted to maneuver through the course using only verbal directions from the rest of their team.

The wheelchairs used for the event were purchased by Monica and Chris Bostaph and were donated to the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, WV in the name of Larson Design Group. Rich Rogers hand delivered the wheelchairs to Charles Satterfield and Cynthia Panasiewicz of the VA Medical Center. The wheelchairs will be given to veterans in need.

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